I have arrived and am entering this from the apartment.

The flights were uneventful. The only “issue” was the breakfast that Aer Lingus supplied coming into Dublin. Jan was sure it would be a “full Irish” breakfast, but it was a shrink wrapped muffin with a very small orange juice. During my wait in the Dublin airport, I found the “Refuel Station” where I could get a full Irish breakfast. It was not expensive and it was not very good, but it was an egg, banger, bacon, tomato, potatoes, mushrooms, and toast. On the flight from Dublin to Paris, anything cost money; only “tap water” was free and airplane tap water is highly recommended against due to the non-clean nature of their storage tanks.

Took the RER B from the CDG airport to Paris, St Michel. It is only €10 and it is supposed to be an express. Well, it did only stop at the express stops, but twice it came to an almost-stop / crawl, so any feeling of speed quickly vanished. If you go to Sortie 5 (Parvis Notre Dame) at the St Michel, the escalators (and there are four of them) will take you up to street level right by open plaza in front of Notre Dame. That is, no need to cross the river to get to Île de la Cité.

The apartment’s caretaker, Valerica, was there already as a repairman was coming to fix the cable / Wi-Fi / TV. I had the code for the outer door and the code for the inner door then trudged up to the 5th floor to meet Valerica. Note: The 5th floor is what most Americans would call the 6th floor. I have not counted the steps as yet.

The repairman took quite a while, so I went down and out then a couple of blocks to a bank’s ATM. It is much easier to get local currency these days, there is no exchange fee, and the exchange rate is quite good.

On going to the ATM, I passed a shop with a banner saying “Pain Bio” (organic bread). So I stopped and got a seeded baguette as well as a sandwich of tomato and goat cheese.

The cable / Wi-Fi / TV is now all working and I managed to take a short nap. After this entry I will go out and see if I can collect some necessities for the apartment and then my dinner and tomorrow’s breakfast.

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