Today was the day to try out my Navigo Découverte (monthly Metro pass) as it is the start of the month, April 1st. I walked to the Pont Marie station and took the Metro to Charles de Gaulle Étoile aka Arc de Triumph. From there I walked back down the Champs-Élysées to the Louvre. Then the Louvre station back to Pont Marie and home.

I looked at the Bistro Romain menu to see if they still had carpaccio all-you-can-eat. They do, but it is now €24. Still, if you want to make a whole meal of carpaccio…

I found and had lunch at L’Alsace. My French teacher grew up in Alsace and recommended trying their regional specialty “fish sauerkraut”. To start I had flammekueche traditionnelle. This doesn’t translate; try a Google search. It is sort of like a pizza with onion, ham, and cheese – but it is really not a pizza at all. Then choucroute de la mer (sauerkraut of the sea) which had cabillaud (a white fish), saumon (salmon), haddock, langoustine. It was all quite good.

And, nobody put a fish on my back. (Un blague – La poisson d’avril.)

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