Dimanche (Sunday)

I was quite lazy today. I never left the island!

I walked a short distance to the southern side of the island (towards the 5th arrondissement), walked a bit down onto the quay, and then back up (as there were no available places to sit – it was all filled with picnics). I did sit and read, in the sunshine, on a traffic pylon, facing across the Seine. My view was what you see in the picture above. The gathering on the left is listening to a small band playing loud enough to carry across the river.

To my left you can see the bridge (Pont de la Tournelle) a little further upstream.

To my right is the upstream end of Île de la Cité, viewing Notre Dame though the Square de l’Île de-France park. In the foreground on the right are the traffic pylons one of which I was using as a stool.

And, as you can, tourists everywhere – I am simply adding to the population.

I later wandered over to Le Lutétia on the island’s opposite side by Pont Louis Philippe. I sat outside watching the world (at least a large part of it) go by. I ordered un express (Lavazza), that is, an espresso by the Italian company Lavazza, which is one of the dominant brands in France. The menu listed décaféiné (decaffeinated) as well and for the same price of €2,70. That means there is at least one place I can take Jan when she gets here!

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  1. Love your blog. How about taking some pictures of the food you describe. Are you eating breakfast at home? you haven’t talked about Breakfast. Sue & I visited the Episcopal cathedral and a nice lady gave us a private tour. also we took a very interesting canal boat tour. We had a guide that had a lot of walking tours in it and we did some of them it was interesting. Henry Bird

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