I wondered how one got packages delivered by, say, Amazon when living in an apartment with a common entrance, a code for the outside door, a different code for the inside door, and a key for your actual door. The post gets in the outside door; the mailboxes are between the outside and inside doors. But, the mailboxes are quite small and not really at all secure. (Indeed, I was informed that nobody had the key for this apartment’s mailbox. The mailbox had not been locked for over 6 years.)

I learned today about Amazon’s “locker delivery.” It is available in the US and here in Paris. Instead of having a delivery address that is your personal address, you designate one of the lockers. I did a search and a block down and then over is a “La Poste – La Banque Postale.” It is sort of a post office and the post runs a banking service. I visited and looked around. There are various post-prepaid envelopes, boxes, etc. The bank counter was unmanned, but there was a nice women at the other counter. We used some French and some English. She was very helpful. And, yes, she confirmed that Amazon packages come in and are held there. You need to prove you are you to pick one up, but there’s no charge for doing so. This solves most, if not all, of the security, delivery, pickup issues.

I have ordered two items from and, since the total was over €25, there is no shipping charge within Paris to the locker. The delivery is said to be Saturday the 8th, but I think they are closed. No bother, one has three days to pick things up.

What did I get? A package of three Britta filters for the pitcher in the apartment. That will take me through June and leave one, which is how it was when I arrived. And a set of cuillères à pamplemousse (grapefruit spoons). There are none here and trying to eat grapefruit without one is quite messy.

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