Café time

Once again I spent some quiet time sitting in a café on the island just watching the world go by. It was a bit chilly, but the sun was shining from time to time.

My previous time was a weekend and had the crowds to prove it. This was a weekday and one that was a bit cold as well. (That did not stop many people from getting ice cream!) I was outside to the right of the entrance. There was one other table in use until just before I left when one more table was taken.

The top picture is looking right. The bridge goes over the Seine towards the north. The lower picture is looking slightly left. The bridge is still off to the right, but you can see the road around the island heading towards the downstream end.

The sun is present, but the row of tables was in the shade. That is fine with me. It will be warmer when Jan is here and I am sure she will like that better.

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  1. Mark when I was stationed in France during WW11. the nearest large town from our airfield was Pontoise about 25 miles from Paris. we had many fine nights being entertained by the french people in Pontoise. Sue and I visited pontoise in 1998 and one of the couples was still living there in the same house and we had a wonderful afternoon visiting. Pontoise is very near Auver sur Oise where Van Gaugh spent his last years and painted many pictures. It is also very near to Matisse”s house and Garden. When Jan comes you may want to visit Auver and the Garden. your Blog brings back memories. Henry

    1. It was at the cemetery at Auver-sur-Oise is where I had one of my unforgettable life/travel experiences. Jan and I were taking her mother on a trip up the Seine to Paris. One of the stops was near Auver-sur-Oise and included a motorcoach side excursion the town, which also included going to the cemetery.

      After seeing Van Gogh’s grave, I stepped out of the walled cemetery. Right in front of me was a field of corn moving slightly in the breeze and dropping off into the distance. The sun was just right. I think I imagined the crows, but I was right in the famous picture he painted.

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