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I’ve had comments about my eating and getting more pictures.

My normal day before coming to Paris was to have only two meals. I like breakfast, so I almost always have a morning to mid-morning meal. Then I might have a later lunch or a dinner. I am keeping roughly the same here.

Paris is not the right place for breakfast! Some cafés or restaurants have a petit-déjeuner on their menu, but the French heart is not into it. It is there for tourists and I have not seen one that looked like it was worth getting. I am always eating breakfast in the apartment. I have simple things. Sometimes eggs. Sometimes a slice or so of dry sausage. Almost always toast and fresh fruit (oranges, grapefruit). And a glass of milk. I have always liked milk and I am glad I can get good tasting milk at my local store.

Sometimes the other meal is lunch, like at Café Richelieu at the Louvre, and sometimes dinner, like Les Fous de L’Île on the island. Most of the time the other meal is back at the apartment again. In the apartment it is always simple. Most recently it was some of the roasted chicken with potatoes. It has been tuna salad. I can get fresh produce just up the block, so I have fresh lettuce and tomato. Just up the block is a small “super market” that has miscellaneous items like toothpaste, toilet paper, etc., as well as canned foods, frozen foods, refrigerated foods, fresh foods. Not a big selection, but pretty good coverage. Right across the street is a boulangerie and a fromagerie. I can get a baguette for €1,20. The cheese is more expensive, but that is expected.

My brother said I had to add pictures to the blog. So I am trying to do so. I am the least likely to take-a-picture person you will probably ever come across. Fortunately, my smartphone is a decent camera and it is always with me. But, even that does not get me to take pictures when I could or should. I am trying to remember, but it is not natural for me.

So please enjoy the few pictures you are getting. I will try to add more pictures and more variety of pictures, but nobody should be holding their breath.

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