Pompidou and Creperie Beaubourg

After my 10:30 to 12:30 Paris Walks guided tour (see previous post), I went off to get some items. One was a package of printer paper and the other an extension power cord the apartment needed.

I used a Google search and found an Office Depot. Took the Metro to reasonably close by and went in. Yep, plenty of paper. So, I got a ream. But, they do not do power cords. Huh? I was pointed towards Darty (electronics, both high tech and kitchen) and FNAC (electronics, videos, CDs). These are both at Les Halles. I went to FNAC and found something that will do, but there is almost no choice. Compared to what I could easily find in the US, there’s nothing.

I decided to walk from the Les Halles area back to the apartment. By walking east first, I came to the Pompidou Center. It is mostly as I remember it from years ago except that the surrounding buildings seem to be crowding in much more. There is still the concrete yard and it is still used for resting and picnics. I did not go in this visit.

By walking south I headed towards my apartment. I came to a park with a fountain (the water not running) just by Church Saint-Merry. That’s not a typo; go to saintmerry.org. Here I found Creperie Beaubourg.

I could not bypass the menu (prix fixe combination) of a galette complete, crêpe sucre, and cidre. The picture is the galette complete – a buckwheat crêpe with egg, ham, and cheese sided with a salad. You can also see the cidre as well as my coffee, which I added to the menu. It was a very nice lunch. Note that Max will certainly say that the galette is not a proper galette, but he is from Brittany and only Briton galettes will do.

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