Parc Rives de Seine

This year officially opens the park on the right bank of the Seine. It is some 4.5 km long. They had added quite a lot of grassy areas, things like swings and hammocks, places to sit. There are some vendors for simple things like café, crêpes, hot dogs, ice cream novelties. And, some toilet stations.

If I cross the bridge from the island to the right bank, I can descend to the quay level and enjoy the park. Today was quite sunny and I took advantage along with many others.

The top picture shows the grass, the pathway, and the bridge I used from the island.

The above is looking the other direction (looking downstream). You can see that it is being used.

Looking out over the river we see a river tour boat. And, in the foreground, a hammock.

The next set of pictures focuses on looking out over the Seine from the park.

Again, the bridge I used from the island. The corner building on the right has the café from which I took pictures while drinking my coffee as few days ago.

Panning towards the right, we see the downstream tip of the island. In the background you can almost see the bridge over to Notre Dame’s island.

Further right and there’s little of “my” island seen. It is mostly Cité.

This is all Cité. Of course, those are Notre Dame’s towers.

And ending off looking downstream with Cité on the left and the park on the right. The structure you see in the park is a totally enclosed (with netting) area for games – mostly soccer. Children seem to always be in there kicking around a ball.


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  1. I have to say, the pictures are a bit more like being there with you. Thanks. Did you know much french when you went to Paris? Are you learning more?

    1. When I decided I really wanted to come to Paris, I decided to learn some French. I had never studied it. Jan and I took not quite two years of once a week classes. So I know some, mostly enough to do reading. Listening is still extremely hard.

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