Samedi (Saturday) means crowds

A nice, sunny, warm Samedi (Saturday) brings out the crowds. Yes, I know I picked a tourist place for the apartment.

The top picture is standing at the island downstream edge, right at the bridge to Cité, which is further downstream. If you go down that central street a block, turn right, then go 15 meters or so, you are at 16 rue le Regrattier.

Panning a little left is the bistro on that corner.

Panning right is the bistro on the other corner as well as the other bistro across the street.

Continuing right is the bistro beside those other bistros.

Yes, that many bistros. And that any tourists. And that does not count the bistros (and tea room) off to the left down that street. Or the restaurants down the main street. There is even an Italian restaurant just down the main street.

I went over the bridge (off on the road to the left and then across) to the Parc Rives de Seine discussed previously. No less crowded, but fewer tourists and more locals. Sun bathing on the grass is much in vogue.

For €2 I can get an espresso and snag a small table and chair. Then I can enjoy the sun and read. Small sips make the espresso last a long time. It at least puts me outside and in the sun.

The boat tours go by from time to time. Those are quite full today as full. Everyone is profiting from the nice weekend day.

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