Dimanche (Sunday) is housecleaning day

I decided that Dimanche (Sunday) should be housecleaning day. A weekly (at least) cleaning day seemed better than just waiting from Jan to get here…

I learned the clothes washer/dryer. It is smallish. Washing was fine, but it could not really dry everything. A queen-sized sheet can wrap itself around lots of things. So, I separated things into smaller loads for drying. I hand-washed all dishes. There is a dishwasher, but I do not generate that many dirty items and wash most after each use. I did clear off the kitchen counter so I could clean it of any spills and the myriads of bread crumbs.

The picture is my drawing of the apartment.

Towards the top is Rue le Regrattier. There are two windows to the outside. Like you would expect in France, they have no screens. One simply flings them open for fresh air. The bottom is the door to the stairs. The stairwell is quite narrow. Below the apartment and left of the stairs is a courtyard. Nothing I can use, but I do have two smaller windows out to it. These windows have volets, that is, wooden shutters. One closes them in the evening (for privacy if nothing else) and opens them in the morning. The sun comes directly in them in the morning.

There are some sliding doors. One is on the closet in the bedroom. The other is the bathroom-living room door. The bathroom has a shower/tub, a sink, the washer/dryer, and a WC.

The sofa is a sofa-bed and can be folded out. That is the basis of my invitation to any/all to visit.

The refrigerator is a half-height refrigerator. It also has an internal hinge broken so that the freezer part does not fully seal, but it is usable. The stove top is one of the electric flush types with a solid top. Makes it easy to clean. The oven is a combination microwave/grill coil unit. The only instructions were in French, so I found an English manual on the web. It has lots of functions and the two control dials are not labeled. The dials push in as buttons and twist left and right to change various settings.

Finally, the most interesting feature is the set of portholes! One is from the bedroom to the entrance hall and the other from the bedroom to the living room. Both are above usual eye level, so all you see is the ceiling of the other room. I suppose you could get on a chair and spy.

3 Replies to “Dimanche (Sunday) is housecleaning day”

  1. I am mentally remodeling your apartment. I am not sure what use the hallway is. Seems to me that it would have been better to open up to the living room kitchen and have the bedroom in the back if the current bedroom had windows to a street which I gather it doesn’t. Shame that. It sounds cute though. Is that a window in the hall or what?

    1. Upon entering, on the right, is a shallow closet used for cleaning supplies and such.

      The bigger windows on the street end is the living room which I guess is there so as to be able to use the full width available. The smaller windows in the bedroom do bring in light from the courtyard.

  2. It was interesting to see your apartment.

    I enjoyed the pictures from the marathon.

    It looks like we are having the same nice weather. I heard the peepers tonight for the first time this spring.

    Thank you for sharing. I read the whole trip so far all at once tonight. Enjoy.

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