Grand Palais – Rodin

This year is 100 years since A. Rodin died. There are a number of celebrations and expositions. I went to one at the Grand Palais.

I pre-bought my timed ticket, but there was still quite a line. In fact, it was broken up into some parallel queues. I went into the one I was directed to. That put me only four or five people from the queue’s beginning, but it was only other queues that were being drawn from originally.

A man was playing his clarinet with some back from a portable sound machine. He was not too bad, but nothing wonderful. Today was about 10 degrees C cooler than yesterday and there was some sun, but it was mostly cloudy. Of course, I had no jacket – just my long sleeved shirt. I was fine. But, after a while, after he put on a cap, the clarinetist made some comments pointing me out. I fear I did not understand other than a handful of words, but it was clearly that the 10 degrees colder did not seem to bother me.

Once inside I toured the multiple rooms with Rodin’s sculpture and that of others influenced by him. I will admit to liking most of Rodin’s work, but not all of it and most of the works of others were nothing that registered with me. Much of the other work was more abstract. I fear I am far from an art critic, even from an art appreciator.

Of course the top picture is well known. There’s a bronze of this in Rodin’s garden elsewhere in Paris. Jan and I saw it a few years ago. Beautiful (as is the entire garden).

Below are two pieces displayed right next to The Thinker. They are not be Rodin, but were highly influenced by The Thinker. I’ll let you all judge which pieces are better.


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