Parc Montsouris

Parc Montsouris is on the southmost edge of Paris. It was created by Napoleon III “in the English style.” In French, souris is mouse. So this is “mouse moutain park.” It does have a bit of a hill, but nothing much. A mouse of a hill? I saw a not-in-use vending stand called “souris verte”  – the green mouse.

Quite a number of people. Lots of joggers. Mothers with children. People strolling. People reading. I fall into the latter two categories.

The RER B (commuter rail) runs right through the middle going north-south. Indeed, that’s how I got there. But, it is below grade and there are numerous crossover walks. This means the noise is well minimized and the railroad does not distract (too much) from the pack.

I walked around the western side from the southern end to the northern end and then under the railroad to the eastern side.

On the eastern side there is a lake with a small island. It is man-made and only a foot or so deep. This gives it quite a green color as algae is freely growing. But, the ducks (Mallards, Coots) and swans (saw a nesting black swan) like it as it provides food.

I found a bench and read for a while.

You can see a line in the lake above – it is a raised section of the concrete bottom, probably carrying a pipe.

In the below you can see that the lake’s other side, the western side, has rising ground. It goes up like that across the lake and at the lake’s southern end. That’s the mountain!

Here’s a closeup of the sign. “You like the birds, don’t feed them!” The smaller print goes on to explain why feeding is a bad idea.

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