à emporter

One of the big changes I see in Paris is the appearance of “à emporter” on many, many stores. The British translation, also sometimes seen, is “take away.” We’d probably say “take out.”

It used to be that bistros and restaurants expected you to sit down and drink/sip/eat on site. And shops expected you to be shopping to take things home. The idea of getting something to eat and walking away eating it was not part of the way of life.

Of course, in tourist areas there was always the selling of sandwiches, ice cream cones, and the like. It is just that it is more common and seemingly everywhere to be doing take away.

On another note, walking up the stairs today, I hear someone coming down. As I rounded one of the switchbacks, there she was up a flight on the landing. I immediately sped up so as to not hold her up. She immediately said something of which I only got “temp” (time). She repeated it as one does to emphasize what one is saying. I figured, by the look as well as voice, that she was saying I did not have to hurry. After we had passed, I finally “heard” the verb: prendre. That is “take”. She was saying “take your time.” Slowly, slowly (and too late to be conversational), I am hearing more French.

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