La Ménagerie, Le Zoo du Jardin des Plantes

The Jardin des Plantes (garden of plants) is across the Seine and a bit upstream. I walked there is morning. La Ménagerie is about a third of the garden.

It is an old-style zoo. It is quite cramped for space. It was created in 1794 and shows its age. The brochure says it used to be a zoo with all of the familiar animals (elephants, giraffes, bears, lions [the brochures actual words]), but now they concentrate on species that disappearing.

I had not been to a zoo for a long time. And the most recent previous visits were to more modern zoos like the one at San Diego. I do remember the old style and it does not take much to see why zoo styles changed.

Still, preserving disappearing species makes sense and there is another, bigger, more modern zoo in Paris’s northeast that is allied with this zoo.

Still the walk around was good and the Jardin des Plantes was nice as well.

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