Auberge de la Reine Blanche

Last night I treated myself to dinner out. After looking at various places on the island, I picked Auberge de la Reine Blanche. When I walked in, I recognized it as one of the places Adam and I had dinner back when we were upgrading Citi’s systems in Paris. It was good then and it is good now.

I had the formule de €39. It is an apéro, entrée, plat, dessert, and vin (à volonté!). The apéro was a kir – a sweet taste due to the cassis, but pleasant. I had vin rouge and limited myself to trois verres. A simple Côté due Rhône, but good.

For the entrée I picked escargots de bourgogne. There were six and they were hot, garlicky, and buttery. I left none of the parsley butter; the bread sopped it all up. I thought the parsley would be my salad, my green, for the evening, but read on.

The weekly special plat was rôti du porc (roast pork) avec pommes de terre (potatoes) et tomates cerises (cherry tomatoes) all in a light cheese and cream sauce. Nothing to gain a Michelin star, but quite enjoyable.

For dessert I picked the assiette du fromage (cheese plate). That came with a small green salad, so I got my fresh, greens after all!

I think Auberge de la Reine Blanche is a touristy place. That is pretty much true of all restaurants on St Louis. I believe all of the people dining were native English speakers with varying degrees of French. But, again, the island is a tourist location and the food was good. A definite place to take Jan when she comes.

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