Place des Vosges

Today I took a stroll through Le Marais.

I walked upstream on the island to its end. Then across the Seine and towards Place de la Bastille. No pictures of the monument there. It is being refurbished and all that is visible is the top of the spire.

I then guessed at the correct left turn, but, of course, was wrong. After going a spell, it seemed wrong. By using a free map I had, I found I was headed too far north for the route I had desired. So, up a bit more to a Metro station, turn left, go a block or so, and then I turned right. Wait. That did not seem correct either. Turn around for half a block and then right and towards the Seine (not that it was visible at that point) for a block.

I was getting to Place des Vosges. It had been recommended by a number of you and I see why. The buildings use brick and stone construction so they have a rose and white facade. The buildings are also only three stories tall so they do not impose too much of a walled enclosure feeling to the square.

The square is nicely grassed and planted. The plantings are all nicely trimmed.

I sat on a bench there and read a while.

Moving on, I came down to Rue de Rivoli, turned right, and followed it. I went right by the church Saint Paul. I poked my head in to look. Then continued to the road that goes to the downstream bridge back to the island. Turned left onto that and strolled some more.

Today was cold by many people’s standards. I overhead froid (cold) being said by others. And it was certainly not sunny. I even was wearing my light jacket.

The Parc Rives de Seine had some people, but nothing like the previous weekend when it was sunny. And, the little coffee stands were not open. It was either the cold or that it was Easter weekend and people were home with family.

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