Louvre again

Today was back to the Louvre and the start of my systematic exploring. I did the top two floors of the Richelieu wing. This is the smaller, less crowded area. It does not have any of the “big three” (Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, Winged Victory).

One section contains the preserved salons of Napoleon III. The top picture is of the petit salon – the little drawing room. I liked the three-person and four-person chairs. Is it possible three-person chairs could make a come back?

The below is the main dining salon. It is a nice size for some of our large gatherings.

Also, I think the table settings would add some grandeur to our events.

Of course, we would need quite a number of servants to act as servers. Unfortunately, our children are a bit old to be conscripted and our grandchildren are mostly a bit too young. Besides both generations are quite far flung and not readily available.

There was an interesting staircase as well. The pictures of it are terrible, but they are posted below. The phone camera has major issues with focus when the lighting is very uneven.

On my tour of the arcades / galleries of the Palais-Royal area (see previous post), we were told circular staircases were the norm. It was either a big, broad, sweeping staircase in a palace or it was small and circular – taking up as little space as possible.

The rest of the Richelieu wing floors I visited today contained paintings done by northern Europe painters of the 17th and 18th centuries. I looked at lots and lots of paintings. All quite enjoyable, but, as I said before, I am no art critic. I do recognize a few names like (Peter Paul) Rubens, Rembrandt (Harmenszoon van Rijn), … Just walking through small rooms, looking at paintings, and, every so often, I actually recognize one. Such is the Louvre.

I plan to fairly systematically explore all (!) of the Louvre over the next month. By all I mean each wing, each floor, etc. I will not carefully be able to look at each item on display, especially in the object d’art rooms this would take forever. And, I did my slow walk for hours. If Jan were there, we would have had to arrange periodic rendezvous points as our paces are so different.

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