Mémorial des Martyrs de la Déportation

I did not know that the upstream tip of Île de la Cité had the Mémorial des Martyrs de la Déportation, a holocaust memorial. It is a nice day and I strolled over to it.

First, the Berthillon shop in the middle of Île Saint-Louis has just opened. Berthillon is probably the most famous ice cream in Paris. Their shop had been closed for renovations until a day or two ago. One can buy their ice cream at most of the shops on the island, but I wanted to wait for their own place to open.

You can buy ice cream by the cup or cone or by various take-home sizes like 500 g on up. They also have a salon de thé next door for pastries and tea or coffee with your ice cream. There is a myriad of flavors. I got a two boules (literally balls – their scoops are not huge and are scoped to be shaped like small balls) in a cup. I chose café (coffee, an ice cream) and cerise (cherry, more of a sorbet). Good old Kimball Farm has bigger servings and a very creamy ice cream, but Berthillon is nicely flavored; the flavors come through not muddled.

I ate my ice cream walking in the sun over to Île de la Cité. Then I descended into the memorial. I do mean descended. It is quite purposely stark and below grade. In the picture you can see the stairway to ground level. The dark entrance between the blocks is the entrance to the exhibit. Inside it is simple and pretty bleak. The exhibits discuss the deportations to the camps. Of course, it is meant to be bleak.

Back at ground level, there is a small park. You can see the memorial in the first picture with the entrance stairs on the right.

Sweeping left you can still see the memorial, but now also Île Saint-Louis’s buildings; you are looking across the Seine.

This park was a good place to sit in the mixed sun and shade and read. A very nice way to spend any afternoon.

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