Shooting on Champs-Élysées

The shooting last night occurred at about 21h00 (9:00 PM). I was in my apartment and there was no audible excitment, no noise, no indication. I went to bed around 22n00 not knowing anything had happened.

As you might know, this coming Sunday is the day for Presidential elections. By French law, all campaigning must cease tonight at midnight. That leaves Saturday as a decompression day before people vote on Sunday.

Now I digress into opinion:

I hope the proximity of terrorism to the vote does not help Marine Le Pen – the far right, isolationist candidate. Part of her platform is closing France’s borders inside the EU. The terrorist was a 39 year old French national. Closing borders to “outsiders” would not have made any difference to him.

Closing borders only enhances the us-versus-them feelings, which makes advocating extremism / radicalism so much the easier. I believe the ways of the United States, France, etc., are much the best. The best proof is being inclusive and accepting.

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