Today was shopping day.

I first went to a place I found using Internet searches for “good prepared food.” I have been trying to find what I saw a few years ago – rabbit stew – or something similar. Maison Guyard has quite a number of things, but not the rabbit I had hoped for. I got two things: one veal and one lamb. They are both cooked meat in chunks / cubes with a sauce sold cold. I will bring them out one at a time, heat them, and eat them. They should be good, but I will probably not trek as far afield to Maison Guyard again.

The next was Rue Mouffletard. This is where I saw the rabbit stew a few years ago. The stall where it was is still there, but has been closed / shuttered every time I have visited. I’ve tried thrice, each on a different day of the week. I guess it is no longer in operation.

Otherwise, Rue Mouffletard is where I get my whole roasted chicken. I pick it up from a store front with multiple spits roasting chickens. Once home I pick the meat off of the bone. I can then refrigerate the meat for multiple meals. All else goes into a pot to become soup. I throw in onion and carrot and let it simmer for a day or so. Then I remove the bones and add some noodles. It ends up pretty good.

The topmost picture is the boulangerie just around the corner from my apartment. And below is the market immediately across the street from the boulangerie.

These, and a fromagerie a door down from the boulangerie, are my go-to places. They are surely not the cheapest places in Paris, but they do not seem excessively expensive to me. Mostly they are right close by and cover almost all of my needs.

The market has a fairly large fresh fruit and produce section (somewhat seen on the left side of the door in the picture), a bottled drinks section with a reasonable selection of wines, frozen foods, canned foods, refrigerated foods like milk and butter, dry foods (pasta), wraps, foils, light bulbs, cleaning liquids, and so on. They do a brisk trade in bottled water and flavored beverages with tourists. All I ever bought in the drinks section was a bottle of Bordeaux. That is where I got my onions and carrots for the soup. I’ve also been eating tomatoes as my fresh vegetable as well as oranges and grapefruit for breakfast.

The boulangerie has the best baguette on the island as far as I can tell. I have tried the island’s three boulangeries. I would have liked the “bio” (organic) boulangerie to win, but, I am sorry, it does not. And the other boulangerie’s baguette was much more like American bread inside – a more universal, fine, soft texture. The price of what I think is the best baguette is €1,20. That is in the middle price range. I have seen €1,00 to €1,80.

I did try their pain au chocolat and it was fine. I’d rather have plain bread and really cannot rate it. I’ll have to wait for Jan for a definitive answer.

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