Rhum Fest Paris 2017

If you have been reading along, you know dimanche (Sunday) is cleaning day. And, yes, I have done my laundry, washed all of the dishes, cleaned the counter tops, swept the floor. But, this weekend I found an event to attend.

The fourth (annual, I assume) Rhum Fest Paris 2017 was yesterday and today. It was in some pavilion buildings in the Parc Floral de Paris, which is on the east side by the Château de Vincennes. The ticket is not cheap, but, of course, that entitles one to tastings at all of the vendors.

I counted 126 vendors listed on Le Plan des Aromes, which was given out when you checked in. Everyone also got their very own tasting glass engraved Rhum Fest Paris. And, in addition, there were some bars for full fledged mixed drinks as well as a half dozen food trucks with items from hot dogs (the best in the monde [world] it said) to Venezuelan to more traditional French to …

There were four interconnected pavilions. These held the vendors and bars. Outside behind were the food trucks. I say outside, but it was still within a controlled perimeter. Everyone got a wrist band after their ticket was checked. Security at the pavilion doors was always checking.

It was quite busy, but you could get in the crowd in front of any given vendor and get your sample. I had four or five or so samples. The fact I do not remember the exact count means I did need to limit myself. If somebody was there with a group and a designated driver, they could have lots and lots more.

You see a number of straw hats. These were freebies from a couple of companies. Some people were wearing two or three hats stacked on their head. I got and have my sampling glass, but did not get a straw hat.

All, but one of my samples were straight rum. That is, no spices or flavorings. I did have one sample of a ginger rum. It had quite a ginger taste and was not bad at all. It was Spytail Black Ginger Rum. The representative said he thought they were starting to appear in the New England market.

The ginger rum would be good in a tall, cool drink on a hot, sunny day when one had nothing one had to get accomplished.

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