French Presidential Preliminary Election

Yesterday was the French Presidential preliminary election. That is, it could have been the final if any candidate had gotten more than 50% of the vote, but there were many candidates and the top of the heap got about 23%. The turnout was about 77%, which I consider quite good. (The turnout was about 80% at the last presidential election in 2012.)

The map shows how France divided up. It shows a clear east vs. west division as well as a few pockets driven by big cities. Paris is easily seen as the red in the upper center.

Top was Emmanuel Macron of En March!, a brand new political party created by him just for this presidential election. The party is considered centrist.

Next was Marine Le Pen of the National Front. She is the far right, isolationist candidate. She wants to close France’s internal borders inside the EU. She is the Trump of France.

Seen on the map as winning some localities, are François Fillon of the Republicans and Jean-Luc Mélenchon of the Socialist Party. All candidates after that had total percentages in the single digits.

The big news is that this is the first time the two topmost parties have been the parties in the final election. The other parties that have been the governmental parties for years and years, did not place their candidate.

The final election is May 7. It will be Macron vs. Le Pen.

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