Musée de l’Armée

Today’s museum was Musée de l’Armée. That is, Paris’s Military Museum. In addition to numerous exhibits, it has the tomb of Napoleon I. After getting my ticket, I walked to the museum’s other end to start with Napoleon. That’s him in the opening picture. It is in the center of a large rotunda of a church.

The museum formerly was a military hospital and no hospital was then complete without a church. Just off the rotunda is a large alter. I tried for pictures of that, but the lighting was too bad for my phone camera.

I then toured the exhibits. There is a lot of very old armor as in knights-in-armor. And the associated swords, pikes, maces, etc. Sorry, no pictures of all of that.

There was a special, temporary exhibit of the 1870 to 1871 period. That was the siege of Paris by the Prussians, the final settling of that, and the very brief Commune period. That was interesting as it was also related by the tour guide in the Montmartre walk. The heights near Sacré-Coeur were part of the Prussian positions encircling Paris. And, according to the guide, it was the peoples of Montmartre that started the Commune. Again, no pictures.

I do have quite a number of pictures below. They fall into two categories. The first were mounted Napoleonic-era soldiers. I had to take these pictures because John B has many loved miniature versions of these. We have watched him buy and paint them. I hope these full size pictures are fun for him to see. I’m sure he would have spent time in the big room filled with these figures.

The second set of pictures is the museum’s own collection of miniatures. There was a pretty big room filled with collection after collection. It looks like I took a lot of pictures, but this is a small subset of what was there. I highly recommend Paris and Musée de l’Armée to John.

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  1. Thanks Mark, those are some great shots. Looks like heavy cavalry plus some Hussards/Chasseurs from the Second Empire. The miniatures are a mix of First Empire and Crimean War units.

    Certainly would be an interesting place to visit!



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