Louvre (what? again?)

Today was chilly and on/off rain again, so I went for inside activities. This time at the Louvre I finished off the rooms I had not seen in the Richelieu portion and did more in the Sully portion.

There was a lot from Iran and the Middle East as well as more Egyptian from 4000 BC to 30 BC.

I also did the “history of the Louvre” section where shows how the Louvre changed from the 1200s to the present. Originally it was a fortress adjacent to, but just outside of, the walls surrounding Paris. Part of the exhibit is a stroll through what was the moat. You see the original wall that was on the outside and the original fortress walls – or at least the first 30 or so feet. The room is an excavation and where you are walking is below the level of the Seine. The moat was naturally filled by the Seine.

There are display of the major changes and additions, including a palace across where the gardens now are – it has totally vanished.

I ended up wandering around and sitting in one of the two courtyards of the Richelieu wing. These are symmetric with the courtyards in the Denon wing, except the Richelieu side has an arched glass roof over each of the courtyards. So, the picture you see is still really weather protected and “inside.” Both of these covered courtyards are used for French sculptures from 500 to 1850. It is a nice, sunny way to display lots of statuary.

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