Le Seine

Today was not so chilly and not rainy. That is not to say it was hot or even really warm or that it was sunny, but it was a much nicer day to be outside. I walked across Pont Marie and down into Parc Rives de Seine.

This time I walked further downstream. There were a number of vending places open from the very simple to a bar and a small restaurant, all serving to small tables out in the open by the Seine.

There are also a number of places built for entertaining the kids. This time I saw two sections where narrow shelf-like foot holds have been put at different levels on the stone wall. Some sections had some rope sections as handholds. Some had small added stones for the same purpose. The kids seem to like it. There is never much of a fall. The foot holds never go over a meter above the ground.

I eventually took a seat and just watched the world walking by, occasionally reading my book. Across the Seine is Île de la Cité. The buildings you see are now governmental buildings.

Looking left you see one of the Napoleonic era bridges (he put his “N” on everything he touched) and, in the background, Sainte Chapelle. It is a church with the most fantastic stained-glass windows. Notre Dame has a much bigger overall effect, but the stained-glass at Sainte Chapelle is better.

Looking right you can see Pont Neuf at the tip of Île de la Cité. Beyond that, way in the background, is Tour Eiffel.

It is also samedi (Saturday) and the tour boats were in full operation and reasonably full. The tourists on the boats stare and wave at us. Some of us wave back. We are really all tourists.

I then walked past Pont Neuf to the next staircase up. Then I doubled back and crossed Pont Neuf to the tip of the island, but kept going to the left bank side. Then I walked back (upstream direction) looking at stores, just strolling along. When I got back to Notre Dame, I cross onto the island, and walk through the park between Notre Dame and the Seine to the island’s upstream tip.

Then across the bridge to “my” island and down the central street to “my” apartment.

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