Brasserie Bofinger

After the zoo today, I decided to have lunch in Brasserie Bofinger. I had found it from various Internet postings. It was just off Place Bastille and that Metro station was on my route home.

It was much bigger and grander than I expected! All was inside (it was pretty cool today) and the staff was pretty formally dressed. There were white tablecloths, real cloth serviettes (napkins), etc.

I started with six huîtres (oysters) on the half shell. They came on a bed of ice, with a half lemon and a small bowl of mignonette sauce. There was a circular stand with the shallow bowl of ice with oysters on top. Below was a plate with the mignonette sauce and a small spoon. I was given a small fork and a regular plate. I hope I properly ate them. The oysters were not large, but very good.

Then I had the Choucroute Garnie : Saucisse fumée, Francfort, lard fumé, côte salée, pommes à l’anglaise. That’s sauerkraut with a smoked sausage, a hot dog, some smoked pork belly, a smoked pork chop, and “English potatoes”, which are just boiled potatoes. This was served in a metal dish placed on a raised stand with a lit alcohol burner under it. I had a regular plate. I got a large fork and spoon to use as serving utensils as well as my regular fork and knife. I hope I properly moved portion by portion from the serving plate to my plate.

Brasserie Bofinger specializes in seafood as well as Alsace cuisine, thus the choucroute. The menu had the choucroute with fish that my French teacher let me know about, but I had tried that earlier elsewhere.

I went for the chocolate eclair for dessert. It was the expected elongated shape in cream puff batter. That sliced into a top and bottom. Then the bottom placed on a place zigzaged with chocolate sauce (definitely not Hersey’s). Then four small boules of what must have been chocolate butter cream, each topped with a small, thin disk of chocolate. Those topped with a thickened whipped cream then some toasted almond slices. Lastly the pastry top was placed skewed across the top with an also-skewed triangle of wafer thin chocolate. I fear Jan would think it was “too creamy” – of course, I know there is no such thing.

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