Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron est élu président de la République avec 65,1 % des voix.

Yes, it is only the early result, but what a relief. Looks like France and the EU will stay around for a while.

I gather most polls in France close at 19h00 (7:00 PM), but big cities close the polls at 20h00 (8:00 PM). I was looking at Le Monde and almost immediately after 20h00, the preliminary results came up.

The result is not unexpected, but, as I said above, I believe it is a good thing for France and the world.

Everything outside my window here has been quiet and, with the predicted results now seen, everything remains quite. I like that.

Note that Paris went heavily for the Socialist party candidate in the preliminary. The only controversy I read about was those favoring the Socialists wondering if they could vote for the pro-business Macron. Of course, they would not vote for the far right Le Pen, but they were saying they might just not vote at all, which would have helped Le Pen.

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