Coulée verte

There was an elevated railway from Place de la Bastille to Bois de Vincennes, which is on the eastern edge of Paris. It went out of service and has been changed to an elevated pedestrian walkway, very nicely verdant. It is now Coulée verte.

Most of it does not have the water feature you see in the picture. That was the best section to show off how nice it was, so it got the top billing.

There were lots and lots of joggers. Also quite a number of people just strolling along like I was doing.

It is about 4 km end to end. And, nearer the Bois de Vincennes end, it actually becomes an underground pathway as the railway was underground in that section. I went about half way before turning around. I had walked from my apartment to Place de la Bastille, so overall it was a decent walk for the day.

During my return walk on Coulée verte, I heard a lot of horse hooves on pavement. I went over to the walk’s side where there were not plants and saw the mounted brigade shown. Sorry for the random construction cluttering the picture, I barely had time to get my camera on and take anything. Today celebrated World War II victory in Europe for France. There were honors performed at the Arc de Triomphe by the current French president Hollande and the president-elect Macron. Maybe the mounted brigade was part of that, although I was a long way from the Arc de Triomphe.

Walking up to Place de la Bastille and then back down towards the Seine, there was quite a police presence. And they were wearing what I would call riot gear – very heavy and stiff plastic shielding on their ankles and shoulders. They were also carrying gas masks. I decided a brisk walk to my apartment, and away from Place de la Bastille, was my best move.

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  1. A friend who grew up in France says I saw La Garde républicaine. Who they were sent to quash is beyond my guesses.

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