Disneyland Paris

It is contrived, artificial, and cute. It is well organized, clean, and nice. For me, it has always been enjoyable.

With my Metro/RER pass, I can take Metro 1 from St Paul to Gare de Lyon and thence RER A to Marne la Vallée Chessy. That final station of the RER A line is right in the middle of the Disneyland, Walt Disney Studios, and the Disney hotels.

I walked all around looking at each attraction and venue. Lots of shops, lots of restaurants, but all very well laid out. Lots of people as well, but not super crowded.

They sell lots of Mickey Mouse ears and princess dresses. There is a Mickey Mouse ear set that has a patterned red bow ribbon; many women of all ages were wearing it. Many, many young girls had their probably-newly-bought princess dress on.

I saw an outdoors show celebrating their 25th anniversary. Song and dance by costumed players, many dressed as Disney characters. They had all of the classic Disney characters, but Buzz, Woody, and other newer characters got the attention from the young members of the audience.

I went on most of the “pour papi” rides. That is, the grandfather level rides. Maybe most people would label those rides “pour enfant”, but they are what I wanted. Wild, fun rides like the large paddleboat that circumnavigates the Thunder Mountain island.

And, yes, I went on It’s A Small World After All. Completely, 100% staged cuteness, but you know that is what it will be going in. It is also nicely bright, cheery, and clean.

I stayed until the 17h30 parade through Main Street. Large, animated floats with costumed Disney characters. I think all of the Disney princesses went by in their individual carriages driven by their handsome, costumed beau.

I did not stay for the fireworks display at 22h30. That would have been 5 more hours of wandering around and then hoping to catch a very late train back.

As a parting memory, I provide the picture below. When we played the seven dwarfs, it was in Italian, not French. Sorry, only a few of us know this inside joke.

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