Parc Rives de Seine

Both yesterday and today were sunny. Unfortunately, rain is predicted for the next few days. So, I went to Parc Rives de Seine one more time.

As you have read before, it is right across the bridge to the right bank and then goes for quite a distance along the Seine. I did not go far today. I stopped a couple of times to sit in the shade and read. Of course, that is why it is there!

In the opening picture you can see the stationary exercise bicycles. This is one feature of the park I have not yet described. I made up ExerVelo not having any idea if there is a real name for them.

The picture below shows the display panel each has. The main thing to notice is the set of two USB outlets immediately below the black panel. If you guessed using pedaling to charge your USB device then you are correct.

You get a view of the Seine, your exercise, and your device(s) charged all at once.

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