Le Sarrasin Et Le Froment

I was feeling self-indulgent today at the conclusion of my outing. Not surprisingly, there are a number of places selling à emporter crêpes as well as ones with seating very close to the apartment. Le Sarrasin Et Le Froment is one.

I had the Totale crêpe as my lunch. As you can see, it is a cheese and ham crêpe with extras: onions, egg, mushrooms, salad. Very good.

I also splurged and got a bottle (yes, a full 75 cl) of cidre. I like cidre very much. This was an unpasteurized one, not too sweet, nicely apple and fizzy. Cidre is about 5% alcohol. 75 cl is similar to two cans of beer.

Did I say I was splurging? Well, yes. I finished with a crêpe composée called Mont Blanc. It is a crêpe sucrée with caramel, nuts, and a dab of crème. I also had an espresso. All in all very satisfying.

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