P4ris Beer Week

I found out about Paris’s 4th annual Beer Week. Thus, the “4” in “P4ris”. I went to Le Grand Final today. It was at Le Centquatre in northern Paris, not too far via the Metro.

For your admission fee, you get a tasting glass to keep and four jetons: petite pièce plate, généralement ronde, qui sert de monnaie. That is, small plastic tokens. Each is good for one fill up of the 12.5 cl tasting glass. One could buy more jetons if desired.

The opening picture is of Crak of Italy. Their offering was New England IPA. I had to try it. I introduced myself as being from New England. The fellow in the picture said he hesitated to serve it to someone really from New England and complemented us on having so many good craft beers. It was good. Somewhat citrusy and of medium bitterness.

They are from Padua and say that craft beer drink is exploding in Italy. It was about 3% of what people drank and is now about 25%. They are enjoying supplying the growing local market. They come to a few festivals outside of Italy, but do not really export their beer. They want to stick with the local market as it expands and concentrate on being very fresh. The beer they were serving was specially shipped up for only this Beer Week.

There were a number of UK breweries, as might be expected. I tasted mostly the IPAs I found. There were ales, stouts, dark browns, and light lagers, the latter I clearly stayed away from.

The venue was a series of basement rooms. The decor is exactly what you see – cement walls. The booths were made by tacking together pallets. It was a very low key and, I guess, low brow event.

I’m probably on their mailing list now. I have been getting rum related mailings ever since the rum tasting event. I expect to start getting beer mailings as well.

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