Louvre et Place de la Concorde

Today was one more visit to the Louvre. I believe I have walked each and every gallery. That does not mean I have carefully looked at every statue, painting, object, but I have passed by them all.

In the middle of today’s walk in the Denon wing I went through paintings from Great Britain from 1150 to 1850. I even saw a clutch of Constables. (That’s a very bad literary reference.)

Since I was in the paintings sections, I saw the Mona Lisa – from a distance over the big crowd, as always. And, it is the stairways on the Denon wing side that have Winged Victory and Vénus de Milo. Those are the “big three” of the Louvre.

I will probably go back again as there are always sections to be revisited or to just sit in the statuary courtyard.

I read that the best chocolat chaud (hot chocolate) was from Angelina. The original Angelina is on the Rue de Rivoli right next to the middle of Jardin des Tuileries. But, the Café Richelieu is run by Angelina and it is in the Richelieu wing of the Louvre.

I decided I had to try the two signature items: Le Chocolat chaud l’Africain et Le Mont-Blanc.

Le fameux chocolat chaud à l’ancienne, baptisé « l’Africain », est composé de trois cacaos d’origines africaines : Niger, Ghana et Côte d’Ivoire, sélectionnés par nos soins. Il est assemblé spécialement pour Angelina et la recette reste secrète. La combinaison de ces cacaos d’origines et de terroirs différents confère au chocolat chaud Angelina ce goût et ce caractère exceptionnel.

That is, the hot chocolate is made from three African chocolates using a secret recipe. And, of course, this makes it exceptional. It is a very thick and rich hot chocolate. It is sweet, but not overly sweet.

Cette [Le Mont-Blanc] incontournable pâtisserie conjugue meringue, Chantilly légère et vermicelles de crème de marron, pour ravir les palais les plus affutés. Grâce à sa recette unique et jamais égalée, le Mont-Blanc est devenu l’emblème de la maison Angelina et fait sa renommée depuis 1903.

That is, the Mont Blanc is meringue, sweetened thickened cream, and chestnut creme as strands over the top. My first desert named Mont Blanc was decades ago in Vienna at the Imperial Hotel. It was basically the same mix of items. And I just recently wrote about having a crêpe sucrée called Mont Blanc with a similar mix. Since I like chestnuts and cream, it is hard to go wrong.

To get a little more exercise, I walked from the Louvre towards Place de la Concorde on Rue de Rivoli. And, yes, I passed the original Angelina on my way.

I took a seat on a bench facing the Place to sit in the shade and rest. The picture is from from that seat. In the foreground you can see the obelisk in the center of Place de la Concorde. In the distance the Tour Eiffel. On the left is a large Ferris Wheel. It is in the process of being dismantled. I gather it is erected each autumn and provides scenic rides until mid-May.

The Place de la Concorde was where the infamous guillotine was set up and operated during the revolution. After the revolution, the area was rebuilt.

The central piece became the obelisk (given to France by Egypt). It was decided that was better than a statue that could be hated by the next uprising and pulled down. The obelisk was not a symbol of any regime.

And the name became Place de la Concorde in the hopes that there would be concord and not uprisings and guillotines in the future. So far so good.

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