Place des Vosges

Today was a hot (28C = 82F) and sunny day. I walked to Place de la Bastille and then to Place des Vosges, which I previously wrote about.

This afternoon I think all of Paris’s children under eight were in the Place playing. There are nice fountains and I gather one can wade into them. There are trees around the perimeter with benches. There are children’s playthings: slides, a teeter-totter using springs, another device you sat on with a big spring, and more.

Everything was in use. Lots of mostly-young parents watching their children. The children interacting with each other in good ways. I just sat on a bench and read some.

Then, to continue to get some exercise, I walked west through Marais to a cross road that went south to the downstream end of St Louis. Lots of lots of small stores and people.

That’s it. No big adventure today. Part of coming here was to be able to do nothing.

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