Vermeer et Valentin de Boulogne

There are two special exhibits in the Louvre:

Vermeer et les maîtres de la peinture de genre (Vermeer and the Masters of Genre painting)

Valentin de Boulogne

While my Louvre pass covers these, you have to get a special timed ticket and then queue up at your specified time. Both exhibits are ending on the 22nd, so I thought I had better queue up.

My first attempt failed. By the time I went to the special guichet (ticket window) there were no more time slots available for the entire day. So I needed to rouse myself earlier. This time I got to the special guichet by 10h00 and that got me a time of 13h30.

I used the interim three hours to wander around, sit in the statuary courtyard, read in the statuary courtyard, buy a simple sandwich and eat it ever so slowly so as to have a seat somewhere. Then I could join the queue.

My time slot was checked (it was 13h10) and I was in the special queue. That queue was another 45 or so minutes. Then I was admitted to the exhibits area.

You have heard me say that my art sense is not very good. Nothing has changed in that regard.

The paintings of Vermeer et al are smallish, say, 50 cm x 40 cm or smaller. This meant the crowds pressed closer to each one. I will say that the color control, the color brightness, in some was magnificent.

The paintings of Vanentin are much larger – nothing quite Delacroix-sized, but ranging up to about 3 m x 2 m. This means the crowds do not press so close which makes it easier to casually see each painting.

No walkabout afterwards. Rain was threatening. It is fairly heavy rain right now. The radar maps shows yellow over Paris. And the weather app says there is a thunderstorm warning until tomorrow at 17h00.

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