When it rains, it pours

I closed off my previous post saying that there was heavy rain in Paris. Much to my surprise, a drip starting in my apartment’s ceiling!

There was already a fairly long crack in the plastering, but no visible water damage. But, there it was dripping from the crack. I sorted through the cooking items and put the largest pot under the drip. I took some towels and dried up a bit, but there was still some splash from the drip.

I called the local caretaker, Valerica, and wrote an email to the owner, Rosemary. Valerica said she would come in about an hour; she lives in the city’s outskirts.

I went upstairs to see if there was anyone there, but go no answer to ringing the bell or knocking. I’m sure that apartment is also a rental and appears to be between residents.

Valreica went up as well with the same lack of success. But, she wrote a note and stuffed it under the door. I do not know what was said.

We both assumed that the upper floor had left a window or two wide open and rain had come flooding in, pooled on the floor, and then seeped through to my ceiling.

The drip has no stopped (as has the rain). But, there will be more rain. So, I am keeping the pot under the part of the crack that dripped. I’ll see how much I can dry everything out tomorrow.

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