Grand Steeple-chase de Paris – Jour 1

The Hippodrome d’Auteuil is hosting the Grand Steeple-chase de Paris today and tomorrow.

There were eight races today and probably the same tomorrow, ending with the Grand Steeple-chase. As before, it was a mix of steeple-chase and hedge races. Today were three steeple-chases and five hedge races.

There were accidents, but nothing looked as tragic as some of what I saw the first time I visited the hippodrome. I believe both the horse and jockey got back up and walked away each time.

Again I did not bet. But, this time I tracked what would have happened if I had bet on the favorite for each race. The result? I would have lost money. There was one race where the favorite fell and a long shot came in. If you had made that bet for the win it would have paid 13€ for each 1€ bet. If you had picked the first, second, and third horses in order, you would have been paid about 2,300€. There is probably some bet on almost every combination so that there is some big winner even when things come out unpredictably.

I watched one race where the favorite lost by a half a nose. It really depended on where each horse was in its stride when it crossed the finish line.

I talked to one young woman who was getting people to enter a contest to win four places at a VIP luncheon in June. You guessed the winning jockey of the big grand steeple-chase race and then your entry might get drawn. She had a list of the horses and jockeys. There was basically no skill involved. Unfortunately, the day was a day I could not have attended the luncheon. I asked her if she knew what the big horse racing event in the US was today. She did not and admitted she was not a true horse racing person.

Tomorrow are more races and the grand steeple-chase. The big race is a 6 km steeple-chase over many obstacles.

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