Fête du Pain – Part Deux

I reported earlier on seeing a Fête du Pain tent being set up in the parvis Notre Dame. I finally went by that area again and the tent was open and quite active.

Along one side they were selling lots of breads and pâtisseries. Immediately behind the tables with what was for sale were workers and ovens. They were actively making what they were selling.

Along the end was a display of many different kinds of breads. I’m sure they were relatively freshly made, but not for sale. I saw many French varieties as well as English muffins and bagels.

Along the other side was a TV show area. They were actively broadcasting news about the Fête du Pain.

Additionally, one the side with the for-sale items and the active work, there was an area for children to get a baker’s hat and plastic apron, then a baker worked with them so that they could experience separating the dough, rolling it out, forming it, etc.

For 1€50 I bought a petit brioche au chocolat for my morning snack.

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