Grand Steeple-chase de Paris – Jour 2

The second day featured two steeple-chase races and six hedges races.

Of course, the highlight was the Grand Steeple-chase de Paris. It was the fifth race. It had a total prize of 850 000€. That was the biggest prize of both days.

The race was for five year olds and older. Last year’s winner was So French ridden by James Reveley, owned by Mme Magalen Bryant, and trained by Guilaume Macaire. Last year was quite rainy and the time was quite slow.

The program quoted James Reveley as saying So French is very, very easy to ride. He appreciates the terrain and the distance does not bother him. Winning the Grand Steeple-chase is my life’s objective.

The Grand Steeple-chase is a 6 km race over twenty-three obstacles, not only hedges, but wide ditches, high hedge with water after it, high hedge with logs or stones on either side, the rock wall, etc.

Well, So French being ridden by James Reveley came in first again. The crowd was cheering like mad.

I saw Mme Magalen Bryant interviewed. She is in a wheelchair and quite old. The microphone could barely pick up her voice.

All in all it was two fun days of racing. I never thought I would get to see live horse racing, let alone steeple-chase.

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