Parc Rives de Seine

The hot, sunny days continue. I am sure it is wonderful for some. While I like clear days, I prefer the temperature to be much colder.

At the boulangerie yesterday, I said something about it being too hot and the owner agreed with me. Of course, they are baking in their back room!

Today is Ascension Day. It is a holiday. Many museums and some stores and cafés are closed. I just took a walk downstream on “my” island and then across to Notre Dame. Lots of tourists. The cafés in these tourist places do not close for holidays. Then across the Seine to the Parc Rives de Seine.

I noticed that it is “rives”, that is, plural, but it is only the Seine. It finally dawned on me that I was not carefully seeing rive vs. rivière. Rive is bank/shore/edge or in this case the river bank. Rivière is river. So, of course, it is the plural rives. It is the park of the banks of the Seine.

One more thought. There is also fleuve, which translates to river in English. A fleuve is a big river, usually one leading to the mer (sea).

This came up when a guide was explaining the three-pronged trident of Poseidon (Neptune). He said the three prongs were rivière, fleuve, mer. Later he said to me that he had not found a good English translation for that. I thought of stream, river, sea.

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