I spent the previous three days – mardi, mercredi, jeudi (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thrurday) – in Bretagne (Brittany). That explains why there were no posts. I was traveling light with only my smartphone. Now I need to talk about the experience. This is a quick summary. I will follow up with more detailed posts.

Bretagne is in the northwest corner of France. To its north is the English Channel. To its west is the Atlantic. Its climate is tempered by the winds coming in from the ocean.

My hosts were Colette and Jean-Yves Hervé, the parents of my friend Max. They and Max grew up in Rennes. They now live in Arzon. If you click on the Google maps link and zoom out a couple of times for more context, you will see the closest large city is Vannes. Zooming out a few more times reveals Rennes as well. You are still in Bretagne. Zooming out a few more times shows Paris.

Merdi I took a TGV from gare Paris Montparnasse to Vannes. It is a little more than 3 hours of TGV travel. I was met by my hosts. We toured Vannes and vicinity then looped around, with a couple of stops, to Arzon.

Mercredi we drove around Vannes and then down to Quiberon. We drove back by Carnac, Trinité-sur-Mer, Locmariaquer, and Auray.

Jeudi we only drove around Arzon, but we took their boat for a tour around the Golfe du Morbihan, circling the biggest island: Île-aux-Moines. Then I was driven back to the gare at Vannes for the TGV ride back to Paris.

Every day we were mostly outside and walking all day. I got sun, but not too much sun, on my face and arms.

I got to try most of the “major food groups” of Bretagne. No surprise that seafood is very popular and, of course, fresh. Dairy is also popular. No problem for me as I love milk and cream. Many apples are grown resulting not only in apples to eat but also cidre (fermented apple juice). And, my friend Max would not let me forget the galettes – gâteau rond et plat; sorte de crêpe composée de farine de sarrasin. They are similar to crêpes, but made from buckwheat.

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