Back again…

The post just preceding this is from June, 2017, describing my visit to Bretagne. What happened in the interim? Well, it is a long story. I will tell it in parts, probably jumping around in time.

I was in Paris until late June, 2017, but things got quite hectic. My wife, Jan, visited, flying into London to start, where I met her. We then both came to Paris on the EuroStar. Also visiting was Jan’s sister, Joyce. And our son, Dylan. And, a very good friend, Madge. Much goings on. No time for posting. I’ll try to summarize some of it if I can…

Then came the unexpected phone call from someone I had not spoken to for 25+ years. He asked how retirement was. I said great. He said, “want to do something else?” To make it short, I have joined a French startup company, SAS Fermat, based here in Paris. And, I will live and work in Paris for about three years. Jan will continue to be in Acton, MA, but we have ten cross-Atlantic trips a year planned to keep fully in touch.

I’m looking for a long term lease for an apartment. When I get that, I will publish the address in this blog.

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