A name on the door …

This is the door into Bureau 17 at Le Trèfle Marcel Sembat. That is a coworking space in Boulogne-Billancourt, France. Boulogne-Billancourt is a suburb of Paris. It is just south of the Bois du Boulogne. Marcel Sembat is the closest Metro stop.

The names on the door have been updated to include me as well as my colleague, David Thach. Our company is SAS Fermat, just Fermat for short.

This is the interior. You are looking at the space from the door and my side. That’s my notebook, glasses, tissues, umbrella, water glass, etc. David is the other side.

We do have our own A/C unit in the ceiling. You can see the remote control on the desk.

The space is 30 to 45 minutes from my temporary apartment, which is closest to Metro stop Raspail.

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