For me, being alone means eating simply. While I am not afraid to cook, being able to put something together from the refrigerator, with maybe some microwave use, is perfect. I am buying bread about every other day, but most shopping is once or twice a week.

My first course tonight was a bowl of frozen “garden peas” (the package actually said that in English) that I warned up in the microwave.

Then my main course is the selection above. That is a terrine of canard, a wedge of Camembert, and some pieces of bread. The drink is hot tea. I bought the terrine at the Saturday outdoor market. The Camembert was from a big store (Monoprix). The bread was from the boulangerie just down the street, left around the corner, and go a half block.

And, yes, you can see the clutter on the living room table.

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