Weekends permit wandering…

I am busy each weekday. I leave my (temporary) apartment between 08h30 and 09h00 to go to the Metro. That’s a short walk. Then a change of lines and a longer walk to the office. I get back between 18h00 and 19h00, reversing my route. It does not leave much time for wandering.

But, this is the weekend. I took the Metro to Île de la Cité to look at the Notre Dame area again. There’s an apartment there that looks interesting and I wanted to re-look at the neighborhood.

Then I indulged myself and took the Metro to the Louvre. I love the statuary rooms. There are two, across from each other, in the Richelieu wing.

This is the more westerly one. There are always people around, but there are benches to sit on. I like the light, airiness, space. Being able to just sit there in one of my personal indulgences. Did I see anything else in this museum so crammed with things? No. Just spent some time enjoying myself.

Note: I enabled Louvre visits like this by becoming one of the Amis du Louvre. It gets you a year-long pass. I think I will visit enough times throughout the year.

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