Johnny Hallyday

Johnny Hallyday is said to be the most famous rock and roll star that nobody in the United States knows. I certainly didn’t know of him until I started learning about all things French. In Europe, especially France, Johnny was rock and roll. He brought it to France and performed all his life.

Johnny died December 6, 2017. His life has been eulogized. For me, especially poignant is what Carla Bruni wrote. See as published by The Gardian.

When Jan and I were walking around Paris last weekend, I saw an exposition about Johnny advertised. This weekend I went to Galerie Joseph to see it.

There were many photographs from all stages of Johnny’s life. This included his early years, his family (such as it was — his father left as soon as he was born), his trips, his concerts. There was a display of a number of his stage costumes. Many were body suits like Elvis wore.

He enjoyed motorcycles and cars. Here are some pictures.

Above is an older Harley-Davidson, but still in good shape. Below is a much newer Harley.

The Triumph below is very like the TR-3B I had in high school and TR-250 Jan and I had when we first got married.

And, as a finale, there is still custom car. At least I think it is custom; I have never seen anything like it. It is certainly customized with Johnny’s signature prominently on it.

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