Parisian café rez-de-chaussée completed

This is a long-delayed post about the Lego Parisian café I got for myself for my 70th birthday. Just before I left, about October 3, for a Columbus Day break in Vermont, I finished the rez-de-chaussée, aka the ground floor. That is also when I initiated my permanent visa process. That process requires you surrender your passport for the duration. Well, I did not get my passport back until November 9! Fortunately, it did have my visa in it. I flew back to Paris on the 10th, but have had meetings in Basel, so I only have been in my office for one day. All this is to say that no more progress has been made on building the café and I did not get around posting the previous pictures until now.

The rez-de-chaussée is book one of three. It was also parts bags one, two, and three. My top left desk drawer is my Lego parts drawer. The café sits on top of my desk.

First is the front view. As you can see, it is Chez Albert. Typical outdoor dining on the left, albeit with the biggest croissant ever seen. The dining is separated from the street by chain link fencing. On the right is a bench, and some plants. There is a staircase starting on the right which will go to the first floor, when that gets built.

Now a from-the-top view. Indoor dining on the left and the kitchen on the right. The tiled floor of the kitchen is a nice touch. Also, the stack of plates, glasses, an island with a stove. You can see a refrigerator with its door open. Inside are a few provisions. Most of the drawers actually open. Some have things inside.

On the left, all you get is a top view of the waiter holding a tray with a wine glass and one couple awaiting their meal.

Moving to the right side, you can more clearly see the staircase to the first floor as well as the back window of the kitchen. I also like the rain/water drains on the edge of the street. Much of Paris has the edges of its streets cleaned regularly by running water down the street’s edge. There really are drains everywhere.

Our motor-scooter rider is going across the back by the back kitchen windows. The kitchen’s back door has a red and white canopy. There is some interesting greenery growing up the back wall. There is a trash can and a hinged-lid storage bin. You cannot see what is inside, but there are more provisions there. The small gray cat is hunched between the trash can and storage bin. Awaiting a mouse?

We finish off with another interior view. This time towards the people having dinner. Notice the picture on the far wall? And the heavily draped windows? The chef’s stove and sauce pan is more clearly visible in this view. And there’s a pie on the side counter. Right by the kitchen’s back door is a push broom standing up in its holder.

I will eventually get time to proceed on to the first floor. I hope you enjoy seeing the progress as much as I am enjoying build my Parisian café.

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