Noël à Boulogne-Billancourt

Christmas decorations are being put up all across France.

Each morning I walk from my apartment to my office. This takes me right through the Marcel Sembat crossroads. It is a major crossroads. You cannot see it, but the major road has a tunnel under the center of the circle. So the traffic you see is only the crossing traffic.

These pictures were taken at noontime when David and I walked from the office to Monoprix (a grocery/department store) to buy our lunch. We have to walk about half way around the circle.

The large sapin du Noël (Christmas tree) in the center is about 40 meters high. And, yes, it is slightly tipped with the star atop it even more noticeably tipped.

What is harder to see is that the main tree is surrounded by smaller trees. Those are about 3 meters high. They are next to each other going around the main tree.

The second picture is simply to show the traffic. This is the not-too-bad noontime traffic. At about 6:00 PM (18h00), it is terrible. There are policemen/women at each road leading on/off and they direct traffic as well as protect the pedestrians.

I’ll see if I can get some pictures in the evening when it is all illuminated.

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