Noël à Paris

The weekend was very cold and rainy in Paris. The “Yellow Vests” did some violent demonstrating on Saturday, so I avoided going downtown. But, even in the cold and rain, I ventured in on Sunday.

I got soaked going in, but had a nice lunch on Ile St-Louis. I sat inside for quite a while to dry out and hope the rain would lessen.

My path back took me by Notre Dame. Surprisingly, there was not a line to get in. So, I took advantage.

I really did not expect Christmas decorations inside, but was surprised to see the manger scene.

The entire setup is quite large. You are seeing one end of a long table with lots of villagers, houses, etc.

Next surprise was the more pagan Christmas tree inside, but there it was.

I guess all types of decorations are allowed now. From the entrance end, I took this picture.

Hard to capture with a camera, but the star was quite bright and a center of attraction. I bought a 2€ candle and silently dedicated it to worldwide peace and understanding.

Less surprising was the Christmas tree in the parvis. This is a terrible picture of it. You can see that the weather was not helping, but the tree was quite nice. It was lit with bluish bulbs which do not show in this picture at all. Oh, well. Imagine a nice Christmas tree out front.

Lastly, but not least, was a small choral group right in front. They were braving the rain and cold and singing out as best they could.

I had hoped for a nice day and would have gone to other sites, but the weather was driving everyone, including me, inside and home.

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