Parisian café premier étage completed

I have now finished the Parisian café premier étage. It was mostly finished a week or so ago, but i was missing two small parts. One was one of the hinges for the Murphy bed (see picture below) and the other the pivot for the bottom of the handrail going to the next higher floor. Lego very nicely accepted my saying the parts were missing and shipped me replacements. They arrived today.

First are some views of the first floor as a separate unit. That is how you assemble it.

Above is the front view. You can see the Murphy bed through the center glass door. It is very decorative with flower pots and all.

Here is the back view. Later you will see how the small terrace outside the door connects to the rest of the building. The stairway ascends to what will be the second floor. It was the bottom pivot of the handrail that was missing.

Now an inside view. You can see the Murphy bed, then a swivel chair, then a small table, then a fireplace. The light is not good enough to see the flame in the fireplace. Sigh.

And the view looking the other way. Beyond the Murphy bed, which does fold up into the wall if needed, is a stool and table with a cup on it. Beyond that is the stove with the oven below, a cupboard, and an overhead cabinet. The first floor is a small studio apartment.

The shows the back view with the pieces put together. The terrace over the ground floor has been added with its chairs, lights, and flowers. It connects to the back stairway up to the not-yet-there second floor.

The front shows the stairway on the right leading up to the terrace. That is how the studio apartment dwellers get to their living quarters. They have two windows overlooking the street, each with flowers, and a center door leading to a small balcony.

More detail on the right-hand stairway to the first floor terrace. Nice detailing on the chimney masonry. The terrace has a bottle of wine and a glass for it all ready for use.

Finally, a view detailing the terrace and its connection to the back stairway.

Now that I have completed the first floor, it is on to assembly book #3 and parts packages labeled #4. That’s the second floor and will finish the café.

And, yes, I am having fun building it. It lives on my desk in the office.

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